Keywords and SEO

Considering Keyword Density

Google takes into account the way you write your articles. What is sought, is that an article is written

naturally. That is, write for the user and not for the search engine. Therefore, too little or too much

use of the keyword considers it unnatural.

The density of the keyword varies a lot depending on the article you have written. It depends on the

amount of total words of your article, the theme etc. As a general rule, it is usually recommended

that the keyword be between 1% and 3%. If it does not reach or surpass the required percentage,

Google will penalise you and not properly position your website.

Quality SEO services London will have this percentage figured from the first step and instantly

analyse keyword density depending on the total number of words in your article. This way, you will

be able to correct your article immediately.

 Choosing the Perfect Keyword

The keyword is that with which your users will most likely find your website through. This is why the

choice of the correct keyword is very important. Choose it in a natural way, think about how you

would look for your user as the information contained in your articles. This is the best way to choose

the keyword.

Equally, SEO in London and others have a series of tools with which you can analyse the keyword of

your articles. But, what are they?

- Google Keyword Planner

- Moz

- SEMrush

- LongTailPro

- KwFinder

- SpyFu

- SerpStat



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